The third transnational meeting took place in Cáceres, Spain on October 2017.

During the meeting we worked on the following issues:

  • Overview of the project activities: the planned and implemented ones.
  • Detail of the design of the IO2 and check of the technical works, module structure, contents.
  • Check of the tasks for the further IO2 implementation.
  • Analysis of the comments/suggestions from National Agency monitoring visit.
  • Analysis of the dissemination activities carried out by each partner.
  • Analysis of the monitoring and reporting activities.
  • Planning of the last project transnational partners meeting that will be held in Česke Budejovice, Czech Republic, on 18 -19 of April, 2018.

The transnational meeting in Cáceres let us to learn more about the role the Chamber of commerce plays in the area and let us to discover a beautiful historical city of Estremadura.

Me-commercer Transnational meeting Spain

Third Transnational meeting Spain