The events

According to the project goals and commitment, each partner have hosted one multiplier event in October, involving a total amount of about 140 people. We decided to host local average size events (30 people in each country) in order to reinforce the link with the local economical and educational context and promote the Intellectual outputs and the project as a whole using highly interactive methodologies.

The events have been a medium to present the project, its Intellectual outputs and its outcomes, to deal a debate on new strategies and new professionals in training as a tool for continuing VET, to debate on the EQF, to elaborate a cooperation plan for the further exploitation of the project itself.

The preparation phase

The Chamber of Commerce of Cáceres, as being responsible for the project dissemination as a whole, has coordinated the implementation of the communication media to be used for the multiplier events, designing a kit of template on which each partners has adapted the specific focus of its multiplier event and through which both the project and the Erasmus+ program have got visibility. During the preparation stage each partner has:

  • chosen the meeting moderators and the location,
  • draw up the list of participants,
  • define and share the program,
  • create a database of VET agencies and local stakeholders (enterprises, public and private entities) potentially taking part to the event.

For what concern the participation of people with fewer opportunities, considering this as an added value, the partnership has done its best to involve people facing difficulties.

The participants

The participants represent the target audience of the project: professionals, VET providers and some local political stakeholders. Also some learners took part to the events.

The evaluation phase

After the meetings, the participants have contributed to the evaluation of the event submitting an evaluation questionnaire: the results are in complex quite good. Anyway the few criticisms we got are an assess for all of us, in a perspective of continuing quality process.

Here are a selection of images telling the meetings in Lithuania, Italy and Spain.

Multiplier event Lituania
A selection of images from the Multiplier event in Lituania
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