Who are we?

Four partners from: Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic.

Viesoji istaiga Panevezio darbo rinkos mokymo centras

Public institution Panevezys Labour Market Training Centre was founded in 1952. Vision of Panevezys Labour Market Training Centre is to be a modern vocational training institution, focusing on high quality services. The main goal of the Centre is to provide vocational training in formal and informal levels as well as contribution to employment of the learners. Panevėžys Labour Market Training Centre trains unemployed people, sent by territorial Labour Exchange; employees sent by employers; persons who come to learn on their own initiative. The main activities of the centre are:

  • Professional training;
  • Qualification refreshing courses;
  • Re-skilling.

The institution consists of four departments: – 1st learning department: catering, food production, trade, services, organisation and administration training programs; – 2nd learning department: beauty services, textile and handicraft, safety training programs; – drivers‘ teaching department; – vocational rehabilitation department. Organisation has Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2008 (LST EN ISO9001:2008). The Centre has good base of theoretical and practical training for all professions. Modern technologies are used during the lectures.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Cáceres

Founded in 1899, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cáceres (Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria Cáceres) is a Public Law Body, whose main aim is to defend the general commercial and industrial interests of the province of Cáceres. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cáceres is part of the High Council of Chambers (Consejo Superior de Cámaras), which is developed nationally, and Eurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which it develops global actions to enhance and affirm the presence of Spain in other European countries and promotes the cooperation in different areas. The Chamber is run by a group of 29 entrepreneurs elected every four years by all the entrepreneurs of the province of Caceres. They represent the Assembly which defines all the general objectives to reach. In this one, the President and the Executive board are elected. The Assembly is composed of workers commissions whose aim is to closely analyse the problems of the economic sectors and to define the objectives in detail. A group of employees and technicians headed by the General Manager is in charge of its starting and implementation. People, citizens or juridical persons, who practise commerce or industry in the province of Caceres, belong to the Chamber. Patronal fees finance the Chamber and receipts coming from determined services that are directly proposed to the entrepreneurs. This services focuses in the provision of specialist advice in several areas: Creation and Business Development, Internationalization, Legal, fiscal and economic processing, public assistance programs to corporations, partnerships with local regional and national Government, transfer agents and knowledge institutions. Also promote wide training programs, business expertise and employment guidance. The Chamber collaborates actively with more than 30.000 Cáceres-based companies, covering various needs through implementing services as: All-in-One Offices for Business, Innovation advice, Business Incubators, VET and Higher Training, Promoting of Exports and International Trade Missions. Its main objective is developing initiatives to extend the culture of quality and innovation so that SMEs in Extremadura Region can tap the opportunities afforded by globalization. The Chamber serves these businesses through a network of three branches, two business incubators (temporary shelter structure designed to companies start-ups) and two One-Stop Offices for Business (and processing for companies with national tax a

Bluebook s.r.l.

Bluebook LTD is a SME communication agency, with a special expertise in social communication; it is also a social event planner and a PR firm. The core of Bluebook culture are the values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits and citizenship we can abstract saying that: “imaging a world in which work and knowledge are an opportunity for personal growth and economic development, we have been working for about 15 years to realise this idea, through projects and initiatives that help enterprises, organisations and people to improve their abilities and skills, to relation each other, to solve their problem, to communicate to the world in an effective and respectful way”.  To enrich and integrate its core business activities Bluebook LTD plans and carry out training activities, seminars, projects and publications for individuals, private enterprises and public bodies, focused primarily on the concept of equal opportunities for all and on the role that education plays. In these contexts the target groups are transversal and usually include women, people living in disadvantaged areas, young adults and seniors. Coherently with its values and objectives, during the last years, Bluebook LTD has worked, at local level, to the promotion of the Corporate Social Responsibility issue: a leitmotiv in Piedmont that has inspired a wide and helpful debate.

ProEduca z.s.

ProEduca is non-profit organisation providing professional educational and counselling services in the field of human resources and project management. ProEduca’s mission is to support the professional competencies mainly of schools, private and public enterprises and non-profit organisations by: preparation and realisation of the educational programs for teachers, project managers and financial managers of the project teams; cooperation with the home and foreign partners on the preparation of the new educational projects; mediation of the professional international traineeships for the project team’s members; coaching the project managers through the process of preparation of the grant application and the management of awarded projects.