Given the substantial lack of specific reference data for the micro-enterprise sector, it was decided, during the first project transnational meetings, to conduct a local survey in the areas of activity of the partners.

The survey was conducted through an on-line survey tool sent by project partners to a database of 800 companies. The tool chosen for submitting questionnaires is the one provided by Google Form that allows data collection both in aggregate form and through an excel spreadsheet. Personal interviews and individual interviews were also carried out for the collection of data. The survey was conducted early in 2017, in January and February. Within the Report you can find aggregate data collected by partners in Lithuania, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic and the analysis of the most interesting data, followed by the individual country data.

Although the sampling was made with careful reference to the targets, the limited number – 100 responses in total – of the collected questionnaires does not allow the deduction of statistically relevant data; however, the collected data have allowed to highlight the potentialities and criticalities that confirm the premises from which the project was outlined: on one hand, the interest of micro-enterprises on digital communication and e-commerce tools and, on the other, their substantial lack of resources, both in terms of skills and time, in implementing innovative marketing and sales policies to successfully address the challenges of a market that, starting from the local context, can turn to the global one.

The questionnaire was also a channel to present the project, actively involving the local enterprises as project stakeholders.

Just as an example, these are the results results we obtained in response to the following question:

Would you be interested in participating in a practical experience with new professionals to manage your company promotion in the Internet

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