The ME-commercer research (hereafter the research) is planned to be the result of the research conducted during the first phase of the project in the field of ecommerce in Europe within the Micro Enterprises framework, even though not exclusively and as regards the link between this economic area and the present VET offer. The research will be directly integrated in the chosen MOOC platform, representing the knowledge basis on which most of the training contents will be defined. It will have the form of a publication disseminated in its electronic form (pdf and e-book). The document is going to be well-structured and flexible, edited in English and translated in partners languages. In the project it represents a landmark for partners, participants and stakeholders throughout project duration and beyond its closure. The study is going to be organized as follows: first, it will describe the empirical approach and the dataset at hand. This will be followed by a section on e-commerce and ICT usage patterns across Europe with a focus on the local frameworks, a investigation on the employment impacts of e-commerce activities, an analysis on the relationship between e-commerce activities and labour productivity growth, an analysis between the market needs and the VET offer and a comprehensive bibliography and link section that will provide readers with the possibility to deepen some of the topics addressed. Then the study will present and discuss the results of the impact analyses. Finally, it will collect the data and the results to profile, in detail, the new professional the project is going to build up and the classification of its Knowledge, Skills, Competences. This activity will be led by Bluebook LTD in closed collaboration with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cáceres and with the contribution of all the partners. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cáceres will provide partners with a list of possible contents and data to be sought in each country so that each partner could check if the data are available and who makes them available. If they are not available on an open access basis, the partners will contact relevant data owners in order to collect necessary information and have them available for project start. The Coordinator will contribute to design the analysis between the market needs and the VET offer and so Proeduca will.